With over 24 years’ experience in the kids’ entertainment industry and a decade’s experience in developing specialist publications dedicated to the world of publishing, licensing and animation, the BM team – already publishers of the world’s leading Licensing Magazine, with a network of over 80,000 monthly readers on its own media and owners of a database of over 20,000 international industry contacts – launches a brand-new trade publication dedicated entirely to the world of European Animation and its entire supply chain.


  • Give an authoritative voice to all the protagonists that make up the rich European Animation community, from talent to producers, from broadcasters to schools and events.
  • To create a multi-platform media tool that can build a bridge between European Animation and the rest of the world.
  • To create a network where all the players in the industry in Europe and beyond can meet and enrich their business.


The European Animation Journal stands out and is different from other publications for the following reasons:

  • It is the first publication to deal vertically with the rich world of European animation, as no one else has done in the past.
  • It already has an extensive network of partner events and a rich database of industry professionals worldwide.
  • Its content is curated by a European team of journalists, giving voice to individual protagonists of the rich European animation community.
  • All news and insights are delivered through its network of media, from website to newsletter, from social pages to magazine, to give maximum exposure to each novelty and insight.
  • Thanks to the publishing house’s expertise, the world of animation is brought into contact with ancillary and related worlds such as publishing, licensing and toys.


  • The magazine. For 2024, they are planned two magazines releases, in print and digital format, launching in Annecy this June and later at Mipcom to cover the Fall season. The goal is to report the main insights on European animation directly with the protagonists of this world, and much more.
  • All-news website. A website updated daily on the main industry news from all over Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Social media. The main news items also have their own voice on EAJ’s social profiles, on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X and LinkedIn.
  • EAJ E-News. Weekly newsletters sent to a rich database of leading industry professionals in Europe and worldwide.